It was with great pleasure that we launched our first AIMMS Optimization Modeling Competition for graduate students on February 1 of 2009. The competition was organized together with the conference organizers of MOPTA and with support of ILOG CPLEX (now IBM ILOG CPLEX). As the participants, the conference organizers, and Paragon Decision Technology believed it was a great success, a repeat (with a new challenge of course) is planned for next year!

The challenge

The trucks of the transportation company “Move Efficiently” have to undergo periodic maintenance of different types ranging from changing the oil to a complete engine overhaul. The challenge is to schedule maintenance so that it minimizes costs while making sure that trucks can be used over a 2-year time-horizon on a weekly basis. There are constraints on the number of trucks that are required to be active, and capacity constraints at the single maintenance location. A detailed description is available in PDF.

AIMMS/CPLEX MOPTA 2009 Models, Presentation & Reports of Finalists

As mentioned in our news item of August 20, the Zuse Institute of Berlin was the winner of the 2009 competition from 30 enlisted teams from all over the world. However, we want to recognize all 3 finalists for their hard work and great submissions by sharing their presentation, model, and report (just click on the team name). We hope it encourages and inspires readers to join future modeling competitions!

Zuse Institute of Berlin (Germany) - WINNER 
   Stefan Heinz, Jonas Schweiger, Thomas Schlechte, Advisor: Rüdiger Stephan.

Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX), USA) - FINALIST
   T. Jason Kratz, Angelika Leskovskaya, Ron Dearing, Advisor: Dick Barr.

University of Twente (The Netherlands) - FINALIST
   Ruben Hoeksma, Arjan Thomas, Erik-Jan Krijgsman, Advisor: Jacob Jan Paulus.


Information on the submissions

All submission are posted here as they were received by the jury of the Modeling Competition (Imre Pólik, Robert H. Storer, and Peter Nieuwesteeg) and Paragon Decision Technology, Inc. The presentations and reports are available in PDF, the AIMMS project is available in aimmspack-format which can - if you do not have an AIMMS license - be reviewed by downloading a free trial license (the student license will not be sufficient due to the size of the projects).

The MOPTA 2009 website and day-to-day pictures of speakers and events can be found at: