Free 30 Day AIMMS Trial License for Mathematical Programming

See for yourself how a state-of-the-art modeling and decision support tool increases productivity and creates new opportunities for deploying optimization.

The AIMMS trial license is unrestricted in model size, and supports solving all major mathematical programming types by the inclusion of the full solvers CONOPT, XAAOA, CPLEX, GUROBIMOSEK, MINOS, SNOPTKNITRO, BARON and LGO.

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Trail request process: 

  1. Fill in our trial request form
  2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail, click on the confirmation link.
  3. You will receive an email with license number and activation code (incl. download instructions)
  4. Your trial period will start whenever you activate your trial license.

Academic users: For academic use we offer our Free AIMMS Academic License.

During your trial, our support team will be available to you for questions regarding the usage of AIMMS.  Please note: If you have already activated a trial license, you will not be able to activate a new trial license. If you would like to have a trial extension, please contact us.