Find below information about the various Free AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform (optimization) licenses that are available. There are no AIMMS SC Navigator trials or academic licenses available at present.


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Experience AIMMS Developer and the benefits of optimization for yourself with our AIMMS Developer Trial Program. This is for experienced optimization App developers.

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Free AIMMS Academic License

graduation-cap-icon-vector-illustration-flat-design-style_179727566.jpgThis is the ideal license for any academic work involving mathematical optimization problems. It is fully functional and contains most solvers. This license is equipped with a protection on the IP range, so that it can only be activated at university networks. After activation, it can be run off-line.

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In some cases, some academic organizations might need a network setup or additional solvers. Learn about our Paid Academic License.


"I attended an AIMMS workshop at the INFORMS conference in Houston. It was my first time using it and I was impressed by the capabilities of the software. It is very user friendly, which is great for the beginners. I like post-processing applications, which allow users to visualize decision variables. More than that, it is easy to change problem parameters and constraints with a simple click. Overall, it is a great solver and decision making tool. As a PhD candidate and future academic, I believe it is a great asset to anybody."

Sercan Demir, PhD Candidate/Teaching Assistant
Department of Industrial Engineering