AIMMS Maintenance Service is available for users who want to stay current with new AIMMS developments and assure that they are supported within their application releases. To enable customers to benefit from newly developed features we have the following AIMMS Release Schedule.

Release schedule as of AIMMS 4.0

As of the release of AIMMS 4.0, we will employ the following release scheme:

  • The latest AIMMS version that introduces new features into AIMMS, will be denoted as the current version. At this moment the current version is AIMMS 4.0.
  • In the current version, we will fix issues reported in any supported AIMMS version, and we strive to release bug fix releases containing such fixes with minimal delay. Bug fix releases are numbered 4.0.1, 4.0.2, etc. As we continue to automate more and more steps of our release process and testing procedures, this could mean that you might potentially see multiple bug fix releases appear in a single week. Obviously, such bug fix releases are only relevant to you if you are affected by the issues solved in them. To avoid confusion which bug fix release to use, you will only find the latest bug fix release of the current AIMMS version on our website.
  • When new features are introduced into a new AIMMS version, the minor version number will be increased by one, and the new AIMMS version released will become the new current version. For example, the first new current version after AIMMS 4.0 will be AIMMS 4.1. You are only entitled to use a version of AIMMS if your license is in maintenance at the time of release.
  • We will not automatically fix issues in non-current AIMMS versions (like in AIMMS 4.0 when AIMMS 4.1 has become the new current version) as you were used to with AIMMS 3.x. We will, however, fix issues in non-current AIMMS versions on demand, provided that the issue reported occurs in a stable AIMMS application during production usage of that application. We will not fix issues in non-current versions
    • if they are the result of you adding substantially new features to your AIMMS application,
    • if the issue is the result of an Operating System upgrade for which the AIMMS version at hand was not designed, or
    • if the Operating System on which the issue occurs, is no longer supported by its manufacturer.

    If an on-demand bug fix request is made, we will, again, try to release the bug fix release with minimal delay.

Benefits for you

The major benefit of our new release scheme is that we will reduce the amount of disruption when you run into an issue both during model development and when your AIMMS applications are used in production. Because we will not actively port fixes back to older AIMMS versions, you may also expect to see new AIMMS features appear sooner. By using SCRUM as our main development process, you can expect to see new features being introduced more frequently through multiple smaller increments.

The AIMMS 4 model representation is fully compatible with using version control software, which both enables you to better keep track of the changes you made to your application over time, and to collaborate on the development of your model as a team. Lastly, AIMMS WebUI will only work with AIMMS 4.

Consequences for you

As we will never fix issues reported for a non-current AIMMS version that are the result of model development with such a version, we strongly encourage you to develop your AIMMS applications solely with the current AIMMS version. You are then ensured that a bug fix release for the issues that you report are at your doorstep with minimal delay, allowing you to continue development of your AIMMS applications with minimal disruption. When you use the AIMMS PRO platform to deploy your AIMMS applications, the consequences for your end-users will be non-existent: when upgrading an AIMMS PRO app, you can also publish the AIMMS version with which you developed the version of the app at hand, which will then be automatically distributed to your end-users.

Support and Upgrades

As long as you have your AIMMS license(s) in maintenance (i.e. by paying AIMMS a license maintenance fee), you are entitled to download and install all available AIMMS Releases for the AIMMS version for which you hold the license maintenance at no extra cost. In addition, maintenance allows you to upgrade your license to a more extended license, for example with additional solvers.

If your AIMMS license(s) are not maintained, you are only entitled to download and install the AIMMS releases that were available at the moment of purchase. Renewals options exist for licenses that are not maintained.

All AIMMS Releases are not covered by any warranty or condition, express, implied or statutory, and are expressly subject to the limitations and exclusions and other terms and conditions set forth in the AIMMS License Agreement.

Please contact us to learn more about obtaining AIMMS. To report any bugs or feature requests or learn more about the AIMMS release schedule, please contact our Client Support team.

A note on the past AIMMS Release Schedule

In the AIMMS 3.x series you were used to us introducing new features through more or less quarterly feature releases, which culminated in a yearly production release, ready for use in production scenarios. For every production release of AIMMS 3.x we provided bug fixes through quarterly software update releases for a period of two years. While this scheme worked fine in theory, in practice many customers only used production releases for development, and consequently new features were only adopted after they appeared in a production release. When you reported an issue, it could easily take up to four months before you got a software update release that fixed your issue. As very little people can wait for a fix that long, in practice most AIMMS modelers were forced to work around the issues they reported. A situation that neither we nor our customers were very happy about.

As we will provide bug fix releases at a substantially higher rate in the new release scheme, we strongly encourage you to convert your models to AIMMS 4 rather than to keep using AIMMS 3.x versions for model development.