Paid Academic License

Paid AIMMS Academic License

In case our Free AIMMS Academic License is not sufficient for you because you require either a network setup, or you require solvers that are not included (BARON or KNITRO), we offer two types of paid licenses for academic use:

  1. Network license: provides an unlimited number of unrestricted concurrent AIMMS sessions within a Local Area Network. This means that everyone within your university department’s network can work with AIMMS at the same time.
    The base fee for a network license is $/€ 450.
  2. Single User license: provides AIMMS without connection to the network. This paid academic single user license is an unrestricted stand-alone license of AIMMS, ideal for use on teacher’s and researcher’s laptops.
    The base fee for a single user license is $/€ 100.

Both license can only be ordered for academic use by students, teachers, professors, and researchers.

Included in each license:

  • CPLEX, XA, CP Optimizer, CONOPT, MINOS, SNOPT, AOA, and PATH solver
  • COIN-OR solvers CBC and IPOPT
  • Robust Optimization add-on
  • size restricted BARON (10×10) solver
  • size restricted KNITRO (600×600) solver
  • GUROBI link-only
  • Open Solver Interface
  • free maintenance


Additional solvers

The Paid AIMMS Academic Licences provided above can be further extended with the following (unrestricted) solvers at attractive academic prices:


Extension options Price (add-on)
BARON - Single user $/€ 100
BARON - Network license $/€ 450
Knitro - Single user $/€ 400

Knitro - Network license

* 2 user

* 10 user

* unlimited


$/€ 1000

$/€ 2000

$/€ 2500


An order form for these Paid AIMMS Academic License alternatives can be requested via Click here for the general pricing terms and conditions. Commercial prices are available towards the bottom of the page.

Special conditions – Paid AIMMS Academic Licenses

  • The Paid AIMMS Academic Licenses may only be ordered by higher educational establishments for academic use by students, teachers, professors, and researchers and may only be used for non-commercial purposes.
  • The Paid AIMMS Academic Licenses have a limited time-span of one year. After this year, renewal of the one year licenses can be requested free of charge.
  • The Paid AIMMS Academic Licenses are developer licenses.
  • AIMMS is available for the Windows 32- and 64-bit platforms. The Paid AIMMS Academic network license can also be used to run AIMMS applications to the Linux platform, but the AIMMS GUI is not available for Linux.
  • The Paid AIMMS Academic Licenses are protected by software nodelock licenses. Specific restrictions to limit use to the educational establishment are applied.
  • The Paid AIMMS Academic Licenses and the AIMMS software are only delivered electronically.
  • Regarding the AIMMS Academic Licenses, AIMMS reserves the right to refuse a license upon request or refuse a renewal of the license when improper use of the license is suspected.
  • All standard terms and conditions.