AIMMS is a complete optimization modeling for developing fully functional decision support and optimization applications ready for use by decision makers. For the development of applications we offer an AIMMS Developer License for the use of the applications. For the deployment of these Apps to your users throughout the organization we provide the AIMMS PRO platform license.

AIMMS License Types

Although AIMMS is an optimization modeling development tool, the usage of the decision support systems created with it goes far beyond model developers. Therefore we offer two license types that cover the possible usage of AIMMS:


TypeTypical Usage

AIMMS Desktop Development  License

Development: For users that want to develop and maintain AIMMS-based optimization applications and models (i.e. building/ modifying the model code base, create Graphical User Interfaces, develop to-be embedded components) on their personal desktop. 


Deployment: The AIMMS PRO platform license assures as many users in your organization as you like, can use the Apps through the browser (no installation needed). We offer AIMMS PRO in various prepackaged configurations - Essential, Preferred and Premier - to assure optimal use.

AIMMS Academic Desktop Developer License (free)

AIMMS Desktop Development License for Academic users. Request a Free AIMMS Academic License.