AIMMS Examples

The aimms/examples repository at GitHub stores a collection of AIMMS examples. Each example is stored in a separate folder containing:

  • An about.html or description.html file that briefly describes the model or functionality illustrated in the example
  • An .aimms file listing the main project and all library folders included in the example
  • An .ams file containing the model source describing the AIMMS model

The examples projects can only be opened in AIMMS 4 through the .aimms file. To get an overview of the underlying optimization model you can also directly view the .ams model source file. All examples can also be downloaded in one ZIP file (18 MB) or as a TAR ball (16 MB). Obviously, you can also just clone the entire aimms/examples repository.

Example Categories

The examples are divided into four categories:

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