This AIMMS project illustrates the basic behavior of horizons in AIMMS. Through this example project you can learn how to create a horizon which consists of three separate sub-intervals

  • a past interval
  • a planning interval
  • a beyond interval

On the demo page you can modify the length of the entire horizon and of each of the separate sub-intervals by modifying data defining the horizon.

Through some simple arithmetic computations defined over horizons illustrated in the model you learn

  • how you can bind an index to a specific interval of the horizon
  • the corresponding interpretation of the AIMMS lag and lead operators

In addition, the model contains a very simple horizon-dependent optimization model. By looking at the variable and constraint declarations and viewing the resulting solution, you can see how AIMMS will

  • restrict constraint generation to the planning interval of a horizon
  • consider data of variables outside of the planning interval of the horizon as fixed


LP model, Horizon, Composite table. 


A zip file with this example can be downloaded here.