Reindeer Pairing

Reindeer Pairing

This AIMMS project is an illustration of the stable marriage problem. The problem formulation is originally stated elegantly at Tallys Yunes' blog.

The GUI of this AIMMS project illustrates the use of a network with a background and data/names are filled in at particular points.

  • Choose left or right perspective in order to order the reindeer either using the order in the set of left reindeer (Lefty) or right reindeer (Righty).
  • Choose a solution to view a different solution.

The art work used in the background is graciously provided by Dixie Allen. She retains the copy right of it: Art © Dixie Allan,


Stable marriage problem, network object, constraint programming, channel constraint, if-then constraint. 


A zip file with this example can be downloaded here.