Water Distribution

Optimal Design of a Water Distribution Network

The optimal design of a Water Distribution Network consists of the choice of a diameter for each pipe, while other design properties are considered to be fixed (e.g., the topology and pipe lengths).

The Water Distribution Network is formulated as a MINLP problem and solved using a generic Branch-and-Bound algorithm that was created using GMP functionality. The algorithm is available in the file 'BB.ams' and can be included in any AIMMS project as a Section.


Branch-and-Bound, Generic algorithm, GMP, Sections.

Problem Type

MINLP (small)


Bragalli, C., C. D'Ambrosio, J. Lee, A. Lodi and P. Toth, On the optimal design of water distribution networks: a practical MINLP approach, Optimization and Engineering 13(2) (2012), pp. 219-246.

CMU-IBM Cyber-Infrastructure for MINLP collaborative site, at: http://www.minlp.org/index.php.

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A zip file with this example can be downloaded here.