Getting Started

There are several ways in which you can learn the AIMMS language and get a basic understanding of its underlying development environment. The AIMMS Getting Started Guide helps you in deciding what works best for you.

As a beginning user of AIMMS, the best starting point to learn AIMMS is working through one of the Tutorials.

You can extend your AIMMS knowledge and/or modeling skills in a fun and easy way by using G-AIMMS, which are games based on AIMMS.



Tutorial for Beginners

The Tutorial for Beginners is a one-hour tutorial designed as the bare minimum needed to build simple models using the AIMMS Model Explorer. Data values are entered manually using data pages, and you can build a page with objects to view and modify the data. 

Tutorial for Professionals

The extensive Tutorial for Professionals is an elaborate tour of AIMMS covering a range of advanced language features plus an introduction to all the building tools. Especially of interest will be the modeling of time using the concepts of horizon and calendar, the use of quantities and units, the link to a database, and the connection to an external DLL (Dynamic Link Library). Even then, some topics such as efficiency considerations (execution efficiency, matrix manipulation routines) and the AIMMS API (Application Programming Interface) will remain untouched.

Below you can download a zip file containing the auxiliary project files mentioned in the above document, as well as a copy of the completed tutorial project. Download the zip file containing the correct version based on the AIMMS version you plan to use.



G-AIMMS is a series of AIMMS based games aimed to extend your AIMMS knowledge and/or modeling skills in a fun and easy way.

Witch Apprentice

Witch Apprentice is the first G-AIMMS. It follows a witch apprentice who rises in rank in the witches' guild by solving increasingly difficult modeling and AIMMS assignments.

Feedback and Suggestions

We welcome any feedback and suggestions for G-AIMMS. In case you have any feedback or suggestions for our G-AIMMS, if you have suggestions for new G-AIMMS, or if you have developed something that you would like to share, please contact us at