The AIMMS Manuals are always available in electronic form from within AIMMS and can be used for on-line help during development. You can also find online versions on our Documentation pages. Below you can download the AIMMS manuals, either as

  • a single-sided electronic version with clickable links and bookmarks, or
  • a printable version without clickable links and bookmarks ready for double-sided printing.

The AIMMS PRO Manual, the AIMMS Cloud Platform Manual and the AIMMS WebUI Manual are only available as online documentation. The R-Link Manual is also only available online.


Are you looking for help with SC Navigator? Check our SC Navigator Documentation.


AIMMS User’s Guide

The AIMMS User’s Guide provides a global overview of how to use the AIMMS system. It is aimed at application builders, and explores AIMMS’ capabilities in helping you create a model-based application in a easy and maintainable manner. The guide describes the various graphical tools that the AIMMS system offers for this task.

Download User’s Guide (single-sided electronic)

Download User’s Guide (double-sided electronic)


AIMMS Language Reference

The AIMMS Language Reference provides a complete description of the AIMMS modeling language, its underlying data structures, and its advanced language constructs. It is aimed at model builders only, and provides the ultimate reference to the model constructs that can be used to get the most out of your model formulations.

Download Language Reference (single-sided electronic)

Download Language Reference (double-sided printable)


AIMMS Optimization Modeling

The AIMMS Optimization Modeling book provides not only an introduction to modeling but also a suite of worked examples. It is aimed at users who are either new to modeling or have only limited modeling experience. Both the basic concepts and more-advanced modeling techniques are discussed.

Download Optimization Modeling (single-sided electronic)

Download Optimization Modeling (double-sided printable)


AIMMS Function Reference

The AIMMS Function Reference provides a complete description of all available AIMMS functions, predeclared identifiers and suffices.

Download Function Reference (single-sided electronic)