Lifecycle Navigator

Optimize your product portfolio decisions using powerful analytics and data visualization   


For organizations that contend with seasonality and volatile demand, managing product lifecycles is a science. Predicting demand is hard, but it's harder when you don't have great visibility into the performance of your different products. Lifecycle Navigator uses powerful prescriptive analytics to help supply chain professionals optimize their sales and operations planning, inventory and production decisions to maximize margin and revenue while ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Lifecycle Navigator enables you to use historical data to visualize where a product is likely to be in the product lifecycle (growing, stable, declining). You can also use the App to understand the lifecycle mix of your product portfolio and how it changes over time. It enables you to analyze product growth and decline trends and their impact on revenue, costs and inventory.

Now you can:

  • See more insights to make confident decisions based on data, instead of relying only on gut instincts or hunches
  • Avoid unnecessary production or inventory accumulation for a declining product
  • Inform sales about growth trends to identify products to focus on
  • Drill down into individual SKU lifecycle performance

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Configurable and Easy to Use

Our easy to use App Wizard guides you through a set of questions that capture your unique operational constraints, goals, costs, and risks. Lifecycle Navigator is seamlessly integrated with Data Navigator and other Apps in the SC Navigator Suite, helping you cut down on implementation costs and use a common data set to tackle multiple supply chain problems.  

  • Faster and more cost-effective vs. traditional software 
  • No IT involvement or hardware costs required
  • Embedded prescriptive analytics analyze every option and makes recommendation on best course of action

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Benefits of Lifecycle Navigator

AIMMS customers have saved millions with our optimization technology.

Get a better understanding of the performance of products across your entire portfolio to maximize margins and revenue.

Get "early signals" and powerful recommended responses (or prescriptions) for optimal business outcomes.

Use a common dataset to tackle multiple supply chain challenges and use real-time lifecycle analytics during your S&OP meetings