Supply Chain Management

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Drive Innovation and Create the Right Balance Between Flexibility and Control

Our customers use AIMMS to test new processes, optimize existing operations, and leap ahead of their competition at pivotal moments. The fast deployment of custom decision-support applications within AIMMS is particularly valuable when new opportunities, mergers or disruptions require a rapid but tailored response. Gartner’s report, Use Cases for an Enterprise Supply Chain Modeling Platform, highlights how companies are already using modeling platforms to explore options and choose scenarios tailored to their strategy and business objectives. 

Here are some examples of how leading companies use AIMMS to solve their toughest supply chain problems:

Supply Chain Network Design 

Using strategic supply chain network design, companies can achieve dramatic savings. Network Alexa_app.pnganalysis and design is used to select the right number, location, territory, and size of warehouses, plants, and production lines; and optimize the flow of all products through your supply chain. AIMMS is unique in that it is more:

  • Dynamic- allowing you to easily update every month or week
  • Accurate - consistently providing you with the best possible network design options 
  • Automated - upload and process the latest data automatically for each new study
  • Fast - execute your studies quickly with the fastest optimization technology
  • Holistic – model the entire market and understand your competitor’s network design as well as your own

In addition to the classical investment oriented design purposes, AIMMS is often used for SC risk analysis and mitigation, and for assessing the impact of major pre-merger or acquisition decisions. Moreover, SC network design is adopted by leaders in the market as part of their IBP process, to thoroughly assess all options of potential future supply scenarios.

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Read a case study about how a large food manufacturer used Network Analysis to increase efficiency and decrease costs.

Network Flow Optimization

When it comes to inventory management, companies have traditionally focused on trying to improve forecast accuracy and utilized demand planning systems to achieve some level of organization.  This is a step in the right direction, but advanced analysis of inventory planning across the entire supply chain network is required to truly optimize and right-size a company’s inventory plan.

Companies need sophisticated tools to embrace a holistic approach, and to optimize inventory positions and sizes. This is particularly important for global supply chains, which are often exposed to increased levels of volatility. AIMMS solves inventory challenges by:

  • Combining inventory strategy with inventory planning capabilities, in order to achieve end-to-end inventory reduction
  • Sizing and placing inventory to meet desired service levels with consideration to costs and profitability

End to End Supply Chain Execution

Operational planning involves the daily or weekly decision-making around the flow of goods through a supply chain. Through analysis and evaluation, choices are made in real-time regarding order fulfillment, inventory levels, production volumes, sourcing, call-offs and distribution planning.  All these dimensions are evaluated in one coherent model. Not only do you need this capability to maximize your SC assets from a weekly planning perspective, you also need this for near real-time decisions when changes occur in demand or supply.

AIMMS is unique in its ability to analyze a supply chain plan from initial sourcing to final consumption, and allows you to manage the performance of each activity separately, while also keeping an eye on how they interact. Your fully customized user interface places this optimization ability into the hands of every planner and delivers a smarter, faster and more profitable supply chain.