AIMMS Optimization Modeling

AIMMS Optimization Modeling

The AIMMS Optimization Modeling book provides not only an introduction to modeling but also a suite of worked examples. It is aimed at users who are either new to modeling or have only limited modeling experience. Both the basic concepts and more-advanced modeling techniques are discussed.

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Chapter Breakdown

Find below a chapter breakdown of the AIMMS Optimization Modeling book.

0. About

0. Preface

Part I – Introduction to Optimization Modeling

1. Background

2. Formulating Optimization Models

3. Algebraic Representation of Models

4. Sensistivity Analysis

5. Network Flow Models

Part II – General Optimization Modeling Tricks

6. Linear Programming Tricks

7. Integer Programming Tricks

Part III – Basic Optimization Modeling Applications

8. Employee Training Problem

9. Media Selection Problem

10. Diet Problem

11. Farm Planning Problem

12. Pooling Problem

Part IV – Intermediate Optimization Modeling Applications

13. Performance Assessment Problem

14. Two-Level Decision Probem

15. Bandwidth Allocation Problem

16. Power System Expansion Problem

17. Inventory Control Problem

Part V – Advanced Optimization Modeling Applications

18. Portfolio Selection Problem

19. File Merge Problem

20. Cutting Stock Problem

21. Telecommunication Network Problem

22. Facility Location Problem

Part VI – Appendices

A. Keyword Table