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Always be prepared for what’s ahead

Ensure you have answers at your fingertips for good decisions, even as things change

Tackle new problems as they surface

Map possibilities, understand tradeoffs and see the impact of your choices with scenario modeling

Get a competitive advantage with prescriptive analytics

Use math to understand and optimize your business like never before  

The Path to a Good Decision is Not Always Clear. AIMMS Gives You Unmatched Visibility.

Answer challenging business and operational questions with speed and confidence using prescriptive analytics (mathematical optimization).  By modeling potential futures,  AIMMS software helps you make better business  decisions in uncertain and complex situations. Find the best viable option, among millions of possible alternatives and navigate what’s ahead with clarity about the contribution to your business, your customers and your sustainability goals.

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What is prescriptive analytics?

Save Time and Drive Impact with Intuitive Supply Chain Applications

In a rapidly changing world, decisions have many implications. Empower your supply chain team with insightful tools that inform decision making. AIMMS software gives you visibility about the consequences of potential choices, and enables you to choose the outcome with the best possible trade-off between your different goals.

Deliver Decision Support Across Your Organization Faster and Easier With a Low Code Platform

Turn models into useful tools for business users with a low code platform for optimization-based apps. Go from idea to prototype 10X faster than with python. Tackle every type of problem or complex situation with attractive cloud-based apps that end users love and are easier to develop and maintain. Long used by global industry leaders, cost savings achieved by our customers range from millions to hundreds of millions.

Build models and apps

Analytics professionals can develop optimization applications tailored for your unique situation faster than ever before with an all-in-one platform.

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Deploy to end users

Turn models into helpful, intuitive, web-based apps for business users to drive optimal business decisions and outcomes.

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Scale with ease for multiple use cases

AIMMS can be used for a variety of purposes. Common use cases include production planning, workforce scheduling, material blending and more.

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Picture of Jean Andre

“AIMMS is an attractive tool that has made optimization accessible to everyone across the company”

Jan André, Operations Research & Data Science Team Manager

Picture of Paul Groen

“Using AIMMS to optimize the increasing amount of changeovers helps my team to go home on time.”

Paul Groen, Head of Supply Chain Planning

We have increased our capability to do strategic network planning in a more robust, analytical way.” – Read the interview

Chris Furlong, VP of Strategy & Transformation


AIMMS is a Gartner Cool Vendor for Supply Chain Management Applications and has been featured in dozens of Gartner reports across the years.

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