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Develop and deploy optimization-based apps at high speed with AIMMS as the mathematical programming environment and Gurobi as the solver.

Easy to use

With AIMMS you can build your apps 10-20X faster compared to Python, R and C++.

Easy to maintain

Get automatic solver updates and remove maintenance headaches.

Easy to collaborate on

Integrate, improve and share your model with ease.

Easy to scale

Scale fast. Deploy apps across the enterprise securely.

AIMMS Development

AIMMS Development is a toolkit for rapid optimization modeling and app development. It enables data science, operations research and analytics professionals to develop optimization applications for end-users, in order to drive optimal business decisions and outcomes.

AIMMS + Gurobi: The Added Value

> Run different solvers side by side  
> Run different solvers in a complex workflow, together
> Run optimization sessions using the solvers in a distributed way, out of the box
> Our solver links are sparse by nature. Their efficiency has been proven by thousands of users.

> Get outstanding support to use the solver in the best possible way
> Automatic solver updates
> Gain flexibility: change solvers when you need to
>Easily build heuristics around the model and use of the solver to speed up solves, sometimes by up to 80%

> Use the unique AIMMS Math Program Inspector and extensive model diagnostic tools to detect and solve problems quickly
> Address model scaling issues with ease
> Deploy quickly and securely 
> Use a robust optimization add-on on top of Gurobi when needed

About Gurobi

Gurobi is one of the fastest and most powerful mathematical programming solvers available for Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming and Mixed-integer Linear Programming (MILP, MIQP and MIQCP). With the Gurobi solver in AIMMS, you get access to Gurobi’s speed and robustness coupled with a state-of-the-art modeling platform to build and deploy apps 10-20 times faster.

Build and Deploy Optimization-based Apps at Speed

Low code Model Builder

Model any business and research problem that needs solving in an intuitive way that is readable for non-mathematicians. Use common libraries or share custom libraries to standardize and exchange code between models.


UI Builder

Create modern web-based user interfaces while you develop your model using a rich set of interactive charts and UX components to provide a friendly experience for decision maker. No coding required.

Algorithmic Capabilities

A rich set of world class mathematical solvers combined with a strong algorithmic framework help you optimize your decision problems and evaluate the best scenarios under all conditions.

Data Management

The AIMMS Data Exchange library is your one-stop resource for consuming and providing REST APIs, and mapping data formats in your model.

Advanced Diagnostics

Save time and effort fixing errors. A set of diagnostic tools, such as a debugger, a profiler, and a one-of-a-kind math program inspector, are right at your disposal.


From inside AIMMS Development, you can package your application and deploy it in one-step for use by decision makers. Apps can be deployed with an interactive UI or as a service to be called through an external API.


Low Code Optimization App Development

How AIMMS enables you to develop and deploy optimization-based apps at speed.