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SC Navigator: Supply Chain Network Design

supply chain network design

Optimize your supply chain design with powerful scenario modeling

supply chain network design

Quickly identify risks and opportunities hidden within your network and balance cost, service levels, and CO2 emissions.


Leading global teams use SC Navigator to optimize their supply chain

AIMMS ND Customers
AIMMS ND Customers
AIMMS ND Customers
AIMMS ND Customers

Get your team up and running in days

“We did a training session with AIMMS and after a couple of days I understood how to use it. The software is easy and intuitive – you don’t need to be a hardcore modeler.”

Sander Meeder
BPM Supply Chain Network Design at AkzoNobel
network design

Reduce risk and improve decision-making

Basic Network Design

network design

Model your base case

Visualize your current supply chain

Optimize your current network locations and flows

Run “what-if” scenarios for changes in demand, disruptions in locations, and modes of transport

network design custom objectives

Optimize cost, service levels, and carbon footprint

Custom Objectives

network design custom objectives

Introduce non-financial KPIs into your optimization

Model for sustainability targets to drive long-term outcomes

Run scenarios and derisk your supply chain using risk indexes

Find the sweet spots between different objectives

center of gravity network design

Discover high value opportunities

Center of gravity (Greenfields Analysis)

center of gravity network design

Identify candidate locations for greenfield investment

Visualize your current demand and supply distribution

Evaluate how your distribution centers impact service levels and cost

Quantify how many distribution centers you need to meet

inventory optimization

Improve your working capital

Inventory Optimization

inventory optimization

Evaluate the inventory impact of supply chain design footprint scenarios

Calculate inventory levels needed to maintain service levels

Visualize inventory health to uncover exposed areas

Reduce inventory and potential service vulnerabilities

Learn how La-Z-Boy designed a optimal network with AIMMS

Case Study

“The ability to model the base case and run scenarios was very helpful.”
– Chris Furlong, VP of Strategy & Transformation

Lay-Z-Boy success story

Run calculations from different data sets with a couple of clicks. Then focus on your business.

Build the unique functionality you need to tackle local issues and optimize your end-to-end network with AIMMS SC Navigator.

  • Identify the optimal locations for distribution centers to optimize costs
  • Create base cases with enforced constraints to visualize your current network
  • Compare the results from scenarios to make better decisions
  • Calculate inventory levels needed to maintain service levels (no more lost business)
  • Import data directly into your network design so your team can work faster
  • Plug and Play Llamasoft Model converter to start where you left off
  • SAP accelerator to convert, combine, and map existing data
  • Delivered as a SaaS software. It’s safe, secure, and makes collaboration a breeze
  • Support add-ons to make sure you get the help you need to drive business outcomes
  • Project support with certified AIMMS partners for quick implementation