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Integrate your way

Use up-to-date or real-time data to support your decisions with mathematical optimization and scenario modeling. AIMMS can receive input data from almost any system, enabling you to make decisions with the latest information at your fingertips. 

Many Integration Possibilities

  • Retrieve input data from databases, ERP systems, warehouse-management-systems, proprietary and 3rd party data services, data lakes and other big data tools. At fixed intervals, on-demand or in real-time. 
  • Export results data to databases, ERP systems, factory-management-systems,  spreadsheets, and more. At fixed intervals, on-demand or in real-time. 
  • Automatically export results to BI systems 

We also offer a managed service for building and running almost any automated data transfer between the AIMMS platform and other systems. Read about Integrations as a Service.  

  • Integrate calculations and optimizations in AIMMS with scripting tools such as Python, Go or Julia, including their extensive library ecosystems. 
  • Integrate AIMMS applications in automated analytics workflows. 
  • Leverage the off-the-shelf power of cloud-based services for AI, Machine Learning, data processing, such as Azure Data Factory and Azure/AWS Machine Learning. 
  • Integrate AIMMS applications in automated analytics data flows. 

  • Configure single-sign-on with enterprise identity management systems. 
  • Include AIMMS app development in CI/CD platforms. 
  • Unit Test library and REST APIs for publishing apps and the cloud test platform to run integration tests. 

Key AIMMS Features that Support Integrations

  • Enable data exchange using web services with the REST API, OpenAPI and OAuth protocols.
  • Generate REST API clients and servers using an OpenAPI spec.
  • Automatically generate data mappings from and to the data structures of a specific AIMMS model.
  • Read and write a growing number of data formats, including XML, JSON, Parquet and CSV. 

Read about the Data Exchange Library

  • Retrieve/store data from/into any ODBC datasource
  • Multiple options to connect to an external database

Read more about database integration

  • Exchange data by using file sharing
  • Automate the process using Java, C++ or C#

Read more about file transfer

AIMMS Plugs into Your Existing Technology Stack

Information security is built-in from the start and rigorously delivered

AIMMS is ISO 27001 Certified. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Application data is stored in separate customer-specific databases. We use a continuous intrusion detection and automatic vulnerability scanning system. Our cloud platform is subjected to periodic third-party penetration tests. We have an elaborate backup regime.

Integrations as a Service

AIMMS partners with Rojo Consultancy to deliver integrations-as-a-service. Rojo can build the integration and run it for you, if needed, including a help desk, monitoring, incident resolution and maintenance changes. Rojo Consultancy is SAP and SnapLogic certified.

Watch a webinar to learn more

One powerful optimization platform, multiple data flows

Retrieve data at fixed intervals, on-demand or in real-time from:

> Databases
> ERP Systems
> Warehouse Management Systems
> Proprietary 3rd Party Data Services
> Data Lakes and Big Data Tools

Export results at fixed intervals, on-demand or in real-time to:

> Databases
> ERP Systems
> Factory Management Systems
> BI Tools
> Spreadsheets and more

Integrate with scripting, AI and Machine Learning Tools

> Python
> Go
> Julia
> Azure Data Factory
> Azure and AWS Machine Learning

Need help deciding on an integration approach?

Tell us about your use case and we will guide you to the best option.