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We are Recognized in the 2024 Gartner®️ Magic Quadrant™️ for Supply Chain Planning. Download the report!

Data & Modeling Service

network design data and modeling service

Outsource the heavy-lifting. Insource the impact.

network design data and modeling service

Ready to start with network design but short on skilled in-house experts?​ Don’t want the stress of getting the data right? Want to build a digital twin and ramp up fast?

Take the fast track with our Data and Modeling Service. Think of us as an extension of your team.


Leading global teams use AIMMS SC Navigator to optimize their supply chain

AIMMS ND Customers
AIMMS ND Customers

Complete projects within weeks, not months

“With AIMMS, the time saving is around 50%. Because the baseline data is available, we don’t have to pull that data, so that’s an improvement versus a manual perspective.”

Liam Costello
Global Supply Chain Logistics Capabilities Manager

Outsource the creation and maintenance of your network design data and models

We empower you to

Our experts will help you build and maintain a digital twin of your network.

Compare different scenarios, ensure resilience for planned business growth, and meet service levels cost-effectively.

Take decisions based on data and algorithms, with a strong foundation built by experts.

data & modeling

Gaining access to our domain knowledge and technology

Get the insights you need by
data & modeling

We’ll set up an expert team in place​ and gain insights into your business questions.

Further, we’ll create a model to match the business questions, a tailored ETL, and a model-setting application.

Then we will enable your teams to run scenarios and answer the (next) business questions.

Our Typical Process

Data & Modeling Service Process

Supply Chain Digital Twin for the World’s Largest Semiconductor Chip Manufacturer

Success Story

Discover how the company overcame complex challenges in its global supply chain.

Largest Semiconductor Chip Manufacturer AIMMS case study

Take the fast track with our data and modeling service

Build your supply chain digital twin with AIMMS
Don’t let a skills gap hold you back from unlocking the hidden value in your supply chain design.