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Supply Chain Design For
supply chain design for oil & gas industry

Oil & Gas Businesses

supply chain design for oil & gas industry

Oil & gas businesses face challenges from cost volatility, supply uncertainties, and disruptions. This impacts production efficiency and increases costs.

To tackle these issues, businesses utilize supply chain design and optimization solutions. These solutions enhance visibility, control, risk management, and operational continuity.


Trusted by supply chain teams at leading global companies

Oil & Gas customers
Oil & Gas customers
Supply chain leaders use AIMMS to generate savings and revenue
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cost savings
time reduction
visualize your supply chain

Supply Chain Network Design

visualize your supply chain

SC Navigator is an off-the-shelf scenario planning and analytics app that helps teams make optimal supply chain design and tactical planning decisions based on hard data. 

– Easily visualize and understand your current supply chain

– Test countless scenarios and create optimal designs

– Identify critical trade-offs

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Bespoke Optimization Apps

The AIMMS low-code platform is a toolkit for rapid modeling and app development of mathematical optimization applications.

– Model any business and research problem

– Run countless scenarios in realtime

– Create modern web-based user interfaces

– Complements AI/ML

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A tool to make the right decisions.

“GMOS (Global Manufacturing and Logistics Optimization System) has helped us to optimize our supply chain and select the feedstock with the best commercial terms at any given time. The folks in the petrochemicals business really trust this tool to help them make the right decisions.”

Jim Nastoff
Global Marketing Manager – Higher Olefins and Derivatives at Shell
visualize your supply chain

Managing complex and lengthy supply chains

Your Challenge
visualize your supply chain

Operating globally with production facilities, suppliers, and customers in multiple countries presents continuity challenges.

AIMMS SC Navigator enables building multi-echelon network designs, incorporating node constraints and costs. It supports modeling unlimited locations, optimizing complex networks, and establishing resilient supply chains.

balance multiple objectives

Volatility in demand and price leading to excess inventory or stockouts

Your Challenge
balance multiple objectives

Inventory imbalances from demand fluctuations lead to excess inventory or stockouts.

AIMMS can assist by providing a multi-period outlook, planning for various demand scenarios, and optimizing customer fulfillment decisions. It helps determine the appropriate adjustments in supply capacity and maintains inventory balance to meet current and future requirements.

Managing sustainability

Managing sustainability and environmental impact

Your Challenge
Managing sustainability

With SC Navigator, sustainability metrics can be evaluated and optimized, and their cost and service level trade-offs can be measured. You can add carbon emissions, supplier risk index, water waste or any other sustainability metric through the custom objective functionality and optimize your network based on your targets. Each scenario’s end-to-end impact on your entire network is also evaluated.


inventory planning

Vulnerability to supply chain disruptions

Your Challenge
inventory planning

Natural disasters, geopolitical tensions, cyberattacks, etc. can significantly impact supply chains. With SC Navigator you have the digital twin of your supply chain available allowing you to model various scenarios and understand the impact of each and how to tackle them.

Here's how our solution helped other customers

“The support team has worked with us to add new functionality that’s essential for a complex supply chain and then roll it out across the board. They always go above and beyond.”

Nafee Rizk
Operations Research Senior Manager at BASF

“AIMMS allows us to quickly answer very specific questions affecting our business. The benefits of optimizing our business based on those answers will fund the use of AIMMS prescriptive analytics for many years.”

William Hargrave
VP of IT, GMQ NA Operations at Fresenius Medical Care

Petrobras Case Study

Know how Petrobras uses AIMMS for offshore gas planning.

petrochemical plant production planning

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