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Production planning is a strategic activity that aims to determine the optimal allocation of employees, materials and production capacity to serve customers. A production schedule is essentially the short-term execution of the production plan. There are many different constraints to consider in production planning and scheduling. These constraints can be extremely complex and are often very specific to the company’s production process, making it an ideal problem to tackle with optimization models. With AIMMS, you can develop and deploy mathematical optimization apps to achieve your organization’s unique objectives with clarity of implications and trade-offs. 

Improve on-time demand fulfillment

Maximize resource utilization

Reduce planning time

Lower costs

Profitable Production Planning at Nampak

The need for flexibility and production efficiency, paired with rising demand volatility, compelled Nampak Glass to improve their production schedule. Nampak chose AIMMS’ optimization software and Districon, an AIMMS implementation partner, to develop a profit-based optimization solution for the detailed planning and scheduling of glass bottles in the company’s 3 furnaces – amounting to a total of over 1000 production tons a day.


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INEOS Köln achieves over 90% Plant Utilization

After implementing an AIMMS-based production planning system, INEOS Köln has become one of the most effective petrochemical sites on the planet. Bottlenecks are foreseen at an early stage, allowing INEOS to take appropriate preventive actions and minimize losses in utilization.


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beer production scheduling

Production Scheduling for a Leading Beer Manufacturer

This beer brewer is one of the world’s largest. They have over 200 breweries and hundreds of brands with global appeal. They wanted to optimize production scheduling to maximize the utilization of their brewing tanks and improve demand fulfillment. They approached ITC Infotech, a technology services leader and AIMMS implementation partner, to develop a custom optimization application.  


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AIMMS offers you a toolkit for rapid optimization modeling and app development

Low code Model Builder

Model your production planning and scheduling problem in an intuitive way that is readable for non-mathematicians. Use common libraries or share custom libraries to standardize and exchange code between models.


UI builder

Create modern web-based user interfaces while you develop your model using a rich set of interactive charts and UX components to provide a friendly experience for planners and decision makers. No coding required.


Algorithmic Capabilities

A rich set of world class mathematical solvers combined with a strong algorithmic framework help you optimize your decision problems and evaluate the best scenarios under all conditions.


Data Management

The AIMMS Data Exchange library is your one-stop resource for consuming and providing REST APIs, and mapping data formats in your model.

Advanced Diagnostics

Save time and effort fixing errors. A set of diagnostic tools, such as a debugger, a profiler, and a one-of-a-kind math program inspector, are right at your disposal.


From inside AIMMS Development, you can package your application and deploy it in one-step for use by decision makers. Apps can be deployed with an interactive UI or as a service to be called through an external API.

Develop in-house or outsource to a partner

There are different implementation approaches you can take to benefit from optimization. We have a large ecosystem of partners that specializes in the development of AIMMS-based optimization apps.

Many of the world’s fortune 500 companies trust AIMMS to make optimized decisions

Picture of Jean Andre

“AIMMS is an attractive tool that has made optimization accessible to everyone across the company”

Jan André, Operations Research & Data Science Team Manager

Picture of Paul Groen

“Using AIMMS to optimize the increasing amount of changeovers helps my team to go home on time.”

Paul Groen, Head of Supply Chain Planning