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De-risk your supply chain

location risk analysis

Location Risk Analysis

location risk analysis

Gain insights into the risk exposure of your supply chain assets and know your ‘High Risk/High Impact’ locations. Based on trusted and actual data about climate risks, human conflict areas, and geological hazards.


Leading global teams use SC Navigator to optimize their supply chain

AIMMS ND Customers
AIMMS ND Customers

Get answers to specific questions

“AIMMS allows us to quickly answer very specific questions affecting our business. The benefits of optimizing our business based on those answers will fund the use of AIMMS prescriptive analytics for many years.”

William Hargrave
VP of IT, GMQ NA Operations at Fresenius Medical Care
location risk analysis

Discern the level of risk versus the level of impact of your assets

Risk versus Impact
location risk analysis

Recognize the operational and strategic level of risk versus the level of impact for any location of your assets.

Segment your assets based on High Risk/High Impact versus Low Risk/Low Impact.

location risk analysis

Safeguard your supply chain by acting on your high-risk/high-impact assets

Multi-hazard data
location risk analysis

Use the data of our preferred partners or connect your own external data sources. The setup is data-agnostic. Run your scenarios and understand the trade-offs for each option.

Make well-informed decisions and reduce the risk associated with significant supply chain investments.

optimize supply chain network

Create scenarios to de-risk your supply chain

Optimize your network
optimize supply chain network

Optimize for multi-objectives and find the sweet spot between de-risking, profit, costs, service level, and carbon emissions.

Let data help you avoid costly risks

Don't be late. Anticipate!
Assess global supply chain assets and plan for potential risks due to climate change, giving you alternatives and trade-offs for better anticipation.
sc navigator

Don't know where to start?

sc navigator

Plan your supply chain better with AIMMS. AIMMS offers intuitive supply chain applications to model an unlimited number of scenarios, compare trade-offs between potential choices, and make better supply chain decisions for your organization.

See what AIMMS SC Navigator can do for you.