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The Plug & Play Llamasoft Converter
coupa llamasoft model converter

The Fast and Easy Way to Convert Your Coupa Models

coupa llamasoft model converter

Start where you left off with Llamasoft/Coupa and continue your work without any interruptions or downtime.

Try the Llamasoft Model Converter

Make better, data-driven decisions with our Llamasoft Model Converter

Whether you are using Excel templates or SCGM files, we do data mapping to import your work into AIMMS.

You will have access to your historic Llamasoft/Coupa projects and data within the AIMMS environment.

Convert Llamasoft models with ease

Our intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to convert their existing Llamasoft/Coupa models in just a few clicks, saving you time and hassle.

Within 1 day we export your supply chain data and models and train your users.

You get a live demo. With a product expert. Not a salesperson.

Our amazing onboarding team will guide you along in your transition and going live. We are long-term partners, not just technology providers.

AIMMS Supply Chain Network Design

AIMMS SC Navigator is fueled by powerful mathematical optimization in the back end, and intuitive scenario analysis capabilities in the front end, empowering you to create optimal designs and expose hidden risks in your network. With it, you can model your base case network, evaluate changes in the business environment and adapt quickly, quantify optimization opportunities, and back up investment decisions with data.

Download our Guide

Implementing Supply Chain Network Design

Global supply chain leaders use AIMMS to grow their businesses

Don't know where to start?

Plan your supply chain better with AIMMS. AIMMS offers intuitive supply chain applications to model an unlimited number of scenarios, compare trade-offs between potential choices, and make better supply chain decisions for your organization.

See what AIMMS SC Navigator can do for you.