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AIMMS is much more than a software company. We are also a group of dedicated people from over a dozen nationalities located in culturally diverse cities across the globe. We are passionate about inclusion and have a culture of transparency. Each of us is proactive, curious and has a strong personal commitment to excellence and pushing boundaries.

Every single AIMMSian contributes to what makes us AIMMS.

What binds us is our passion and our ambition to help organizations make confident decisions, powered by mathematical optimization, for a more sustainable world. We share a vision to improve the quality of life for supply chain and analytics professionals around the world by making it easier to uncover insights and evaluate scenarios leading to higher productivity, better results, happy customers and enduring organizations.

Facts & Figures

1000+ Apps in use

Many well-known brands use AIMMS apps to drive tangible business value and to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.



AIMMS is proud to be elevated by experienced PhD’s, engineers, mathematicians and supply chain professionals and the team is growing.


3 Office Locations

EMEA +31 23 551 1512
NA      +1 425 458 4024
APAC    +65 9159 0659


100+ Universities

Our software is demonstrated and leveraged at some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

3 Frans Edelman Awards

AIMMS has been the optimization technology used to win the most prestigious award in the OR Industry.

ISO 27001 Certified

We safeguard integrity, confidentiality and availability of our customers’ information.


Self Organization

AIMMS has embraced Holacracy, a self-management practice for running purpose-driven, responsive companies, since 2016.

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Reinventing Organizations to Drive Agility in the Digital Age

Our Values


Integrity to us means doing what is right, holding ourselves and each other accountable, and being honest and respectful to each other. We value long-term relationships and customer interests over short-term gain.


We care about people, we care about our partners, users and customers and we care about AIMMS and its reputation and impact; balancing the interests of each.


We come in with a curious and open attitude. We value differences. We connect. We are keen to understand, share and exchange.


We are driven to grow our impact on people, organizations and society. We encourage in each other leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and personal development. Getting better everyday where small steps count, a continuous cycle of experimenting, learning and adapting.

Leadership Team

Gertjan de Lange


Jan Willem van Crevel


Marcel Roelofs


Kim Helmer


Patrick Donders

Chief Commercial Operations

Sergi Asensi

Chief Commercial Strategy & Sales

Jolanda van Kolfschoten



Gijs Dullaert

Chairman & Non-Executive Member

Patrick van Gent

Executive Member

Roland Slot

Non-Executive Member

Rudi Dupper

Non-Executive Member