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Our Story


It began in 1989 when we recognized a vast, untapped potential for mathematical optimization. Since then, AIMMS has transformed many aspects of people’s daily lives, from electricity delivered to our homes, distribution of vaccines, to emission-reduction policymaking.

AIMMS is a product-centric SaaS company that simplifies the adoption of mathematical optimization, facilitating the creation of robust, high-quality decisions through technology.

AIMMS company Building connected community_AIMMS

Facts & Figures

Years of heritage
Apps in use - 1 solve every 3 minutes
Employees from 12+ nationalities
Franz Edelman Awards
Universities use AIMMS
ISO 27001

Our Mission

To accelerate better decision making using the power of mathematical optimization and to make organizations more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

Our Vision

We see a large ‘untapped potential’ for the use of mathematical optimization. We envision a world where the use of mathematical optimization is a ‘given’.

Our Values


Integrity to us means doing what’s right, being accountable, and valuing long-term relationships and customer interests over short-term gain.


We care about people, partners, users, and customers. We care about AIMMS and its reputation and impact; balancing the interests of each.


We come in with a curious and open attitude. We value differences. We are keen to understand, share, and exchange.


We’re dedicated to expanding our impact through daily growth in personal development, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Our Journey So Far

Our Leadership Team


Roland Slot

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jan Willem van Crevel

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Gertjan CEO

Gertjan de Lange

Senior Account Executive
Leonne Verbruggen

Leonne Verbruggen

Chief Human Relations Officer (CHRO)

Marcel Roelofs

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Patrick Donders

Director, Customer Success

Zoe Schouten

Director, Product Management

Arthur Torsij

VP Global Sales

Board Members

Roland Slot

Roland Slot

Executive Member

Patrick van Gent

Executive Member
Gijs Dullaert

Gijs Dullaert

Chairman & Non-Executive Member
Rudi Dupper

Rudi Dupper

Non-Executive Member
Martin Heijnsbroek

Martin Heijnsbroek

Non-Executive Member