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‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ is a frequently quoted phrase by Peter Drucker to illustrate the power of a strong culture. At AIMMS, we believe our unique culture is playing and will continue to play a decisive role going forward. Not only in achieving great results and providing a fulfilling place to work, but also in attracting and retaining great talent and customers.


At AIMMS, we aim to unleash the full potential of our colleagues, our teams and our customers. We respect differences in people and we value that everyone has specific talents to bring to the table. We believe that self-organization and a sense of purpose are important elements to unlock our full potential. We work in a humane way, though we don’t shy away from taking tough decisions when needed.

What makes AIMMS culture unique and a great place to work?

“AIMMS is a company where multinationalities work together towards the same goal. Working at AIMMS means wonderful environment with flexibility and ample of opportunities to learn and grow in person. Its a place where you will surely blend with others from the day one. What makes AIMMS different for me is a unique culture with trust, honesty and loyalty among each other.”

“I like that AIMMS has an open and honest communication with our customers, we do not make big promises just to sell licenses, but instead we try to help our customers with the problems they have. I really feel that my (and all others’) opinion counts, this helps in the perception that the product AIMMS is not the companies’ product but really our product. Although we listen carefully to what our customers need, how we are translating that into features of AIMMS is the result of our collective creativity. The product, the people, the atmosphere, the way of working… it just makes me proud to be part of it.”

“To me the AIMMS culture is more than the day to day activities that occur in the office. It’s about the connections we make with our coworkers, partners, customers and soon to become customers. It’s about mutual respect and genuine interest in our work, goals, opinions as well as personal sharing about hobbies and families. It’s about camaraderie and teamwork and learning from each other to raise the bar so we can each do our best work while having fun and building something great together.”

“I could write a whole lot more than these lines about the AIMMS culture, but in the end I came to the conclusion that it just comes down to this: being an AIMMS employee means that you’re respected as the person who you are. With all your good qualities, but also with all your peculiarities (should you have them too). This may sound a bit as a cliché, but when it really matters (and as I’m writing this, it has been quite a turbulent week here, emotionally), I’m very grateful for such a caring company culture.”

“I am incredibly grateful for my position at AIMMS because AIMMS is so much more than just “work”! My colleagues are my extended family. We care deeply for each other and invite one another in to be a part of our lives well beyond the office. We work closely and cleverly together, play wildly together, deeply feel losses together, and ecstatically celebrate happy occasions together! We have an outward focus that regularly includes more listening than speaking, intense curiosity, trust, openness and honesty, humility, and courage. We aim to inspire happiness in ourselves and each other and, when needed, to lend it out. We believe in one another and in ourselves. It’s not really “work” when the people around you inspire you to be a better person in and out of the office!”

“For me AIMMS culture is ultimately about people who, from their own motivation, use their talents to take responsibility for a particular domain, for the good of AIMMS and its customers. If you do so, you’ll find little in your way to grow into the roles where you heart lies. In my eyes, it’s that particular thing that makes AIMMS such a great company to work for, because it brings out the best in people, and nurtures the loyalty that we all experience in each other every day.”

“I have never worked for an organization where I’ve felt more empowered. AIMMS has helped me to realize my full potential and given me the resources to achieve it. I truly enjoy my job and collaborating with everyone within the company!”

“The AIMMS culture, values and beliefs were a key reason for me wanting to join AIMMS. I want to look after them, defend them when needed and continuously bring them into my work and talk about them with colleagues. I think for me the first two values are the most important: (1) integrity towards ourselves and others and (2) open communication, starting from trust and generous listening. In my perception and experience these are also the hardest to stick to in challenging situations. The long term is often automatically served when respecting these two. Although not explicitly stated, the values and beliefs appear to have an implicit consequence: ‘little or no egos’. Lovely. That saves us so much waste (of time and energy).”

“When I first stepped into our office in Haarlem I immediately felt it; something great is happening here and I want to be part of it. Soon I found out that the sensation I felt the first time continued to stay with me and originates from deep inside, the roots of the company: the AIMMS Culture. To me, AIMMS stands for inspiring each other, becoming the best possible version of yourself without internally competing with your colleagues, but by stimulating and respecting each other. At AIMMS we don’t give up, as there’s more than just a plan A and we allow ourselves the freedom to experiment. With full dedication we all ambition to achieve the next level of success.”

Our Values


Integrity to us means doing what is right, holding ourselves and each other accountable, and being honest and respectful to each other. We value long-term relationships and customer interests over short-term gain.


We care about people, we care about our partners, users and customers and we care about AIMMS and its reputation and impact; balancing the interests of each.


We come in with a curious and open attitude. We value differences. We connect. We are keen to understand, share and exchange.


We are driven to grow our impact on people, organizations and society. We encourage in each other leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and personal development. Getting better everyday where small steps count, a continuous cycle of experimenting, learning and adapting.


Are you interested in contributing to AIMMS’ purpose?