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‘Configuring sophisticated software technology with skill, precision, and with great care for the end-user.’

AIMMS helps companies and people to use mathematical optimization to take better decisions. We have been developing and selling our prescriptive analytics software, AIMMS, to customers all over the world for more than 30 years.

Companies are using our software in the most complex business situations to minimize emissions, lead times, and costs while making the right trade-offs with resilience, service levels, and other quality considerations. Also, government and charity organizations such as relief agencies are using our software to take better decisions.

Most customers opt for our cloud-based SaaS product, a leading-edge Azure cloud application that needs to meet the high expectations for security, uptime, reliability, scalability, performance, and cost-effectiveness of some of the largest companies in the world.

The AIMMS Cloud Platform is a cloud-native application (Kubernetes, infrastructure-as-code, microservices, API-controlled, automatically scaling, automatically recovering from failures, etc.), built and operated to high information security standards, including very high reliability.

Combined with rapid business growth we are now looking for a very capable Cloud Operations Engineer to help deliver this promise of our cloud platform.

What will be the challenge?

The operation of our cloud platform involves close collaboration between our Customer Success team, developers, and operations people from our Azure Elite partner, AIMMS software developers, and the new Cloud Operations Engineer role. And with so many ‘moving parts’ and high expectations from our customers, this is a really challenging and rewarding environment.

As Cloud Operations Engineer, you will have the key role of making sure our users can do their work with our software and platform because it is correctly configured and closely monitored.

Key tasks include:

  • configuring the platform correctly for every new customer;
  • quickly adjusting the configuration to their changing needs;
  • continuously monitoring all our users have the right capacity and performance, without our bills becoming unnecessarily high;
  • first-level trouble-shooting when users experience issues;
  • making sure software updates are executed smoothly and rolled to users at the right moment;
  • providing usage data to Customer Success and other teams.

We expect you to always be on the lookout for improvements in our tooling and way of working.

So, this role requires both technical and interpersonal skills and at all times great care to avoid service disruptions or information security incidents.

What do we offer?

  • Flexible working hours with the possibility to work from home;
  • Competitive salary;
  • Fully paid pension;
  • 6 weeks of holiday per year;
  • Annual performance-based bonus;
  • Generous annual training & conference budget;
  • A 15-min train ride from Amsterdam Central Station (travel cost covered if > 10 kilometers).

Why Choose AIMMS?

Engineering challenge. We operate a leading-edge cloud platform to very high security and quality standards, serving some of the largest companies in the world with very advanced software tools, helping them take better decisions.

Our culture. We are proud of our culture, nurtured over 30 years between people of so many different nationalities, and we believe it is special. It is about people, trust, valuing differences, and the combination of performance and care. Read in our Culture Book what AIMMSians write about it.

Self-organization. We are self-organized. No managers. Plenty of autonomy and transparency. Quick adjustments of organization, roles, and accountabilities. A place where you can develop yourself to your full potential.

About you

  • Service-oriented;
  • Affinity with and talent for mastering and using advanced software tools;
  • A drive to automate your work;
  • Ideally some experience with a scripting language such as Python;
  • Ideally, some experience writing SQL database queries;
  • Accurate, disciplined, organized, structured, pragmatic;
  • Able to manage your own portfolio of projects and recurring tasks, setting priorities and meeting deadlines;
  • Affinity with live and written communication with users from all around the world (English is sufficient, no need to speak Dutch);
  • Experience with Cloud, Azure, Kubernetes, and such technologies is NOT required.


Please send your resume and a cover letter detailing why you would be a good fit for this position to [email protected].

No acquisition please.