AIMMS 4.2 – New Features

AIMMS 4.2 Release

On this page you can read about the new features in AIMMS 4.2. More details can be found in the release notes. AIMMS 4.2 and its release notes can be downloaded here.

Features introduced in AIMMS 4.2 (December 2014)

If you have any questions on these new or improved features, please contact us at and we can discuss how we can help you. Below, you can find a description of all new features that have been introduced in AIMMS 4.2.

More than 32.000 identifiers supported

Some of our customers have found the limit in AIMMS of roughly 32.000 identifiers unsuitable for their largest models and their models that use runtime libraries heavily. Therefore, we have adapted AIMMS to support models which contain far more than 32.000 identifiers (for those curious to know: the new limit is exactly 262.144 identifiers).


Re-introduction of expiration date on encrypted models

As a result of customer feedback, we have re-introduced the concept of setting an expiration date on encrypted AIMMS models. This means that you can time-limit the use of the encrypted .aimmspack files that you distribute. You can also set the number of days (anywhere between 0 and 99) before the actual expiration date, from which moment on the users of your .aimmspack files will get a warning message about the upcoming expiration of their model.


Addition of Gurobi 6.0 solver

In this AIMMS release, a new version of Gurobi was added: Gurobi 6.0. This version offers performance improvements over earlier Gurobi versions.