Read about the latest AIMMS releases and product improvements

AIMMS 4.30 is now available

December 13, 2016 – Last Friday, we released AIMMS 4.30. This version includes the following new feature: CPLEX Upgraded to Version 12.7 In addition to the change described above, we also fixed … Read more

AIMMS 4.28 is now available

November 14, 2016 - Last Friday, we released AIMMS 4.28. This version includes the following new features: Improvements in Advanced Methods for Nonlinear Programs Faster Editing in WebUI Table Wid… Read more

AIMMS 4.27 is now available

October 14, 2016 - Today, we released AIMMS 4.27. This version includes a change in the underlying mechanisms of the WebUI, which results in a faster loading of WebUI pages in applications that use se… Read more

AIMMS 4.26 is now available

October 10, 2016 - Last week, we released AIMMS 4.26. This version includes the Bubble Chart, a brand new widget type in the AIMMS WebUI. With this widget, you can display up to 3 aspects of your data… Read more

AIMMS 4.24 is now available

August 22, 2016 - Last Friday, we released AIMMS 4.24. The release includes the new version of the Table widget in the WebUI as the default (and only) Table widget. This version is better equipped to … Read more