AIMMS PRO Platform


The AIMMS PRO (Publishing and Remote Optimization) platform is a revolutionary collaboration platform that is available on-premise or fully hosted and managed in the cloud. It enables the use of your AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics (Optimization) Apps through a browser and offers you a personal Enterprise App Store.

Why do you need AIMMS PRO?

The AIMMS Platform is a new way for your organization to deploy Prescriptive Analytics (optimization) technology into your organization. See it as your own App Store of AIMMS-based optimization solutions – a collaboration platform for making better decisions. Every custom App (or updates to Apps) can be made available to the users in your organization in a matter of a few clicks. These powerful Apps help your team make better decisions, allowing you to increase your bottom line (or reduce your cost) almost instantly. This means that your organization will perform better and will be more agile. 

What is AIMMS PRO?

The AIMMS Platform enables you to deploy AIMMS Apps to end-users quickly and efficiently through the AIMMS Portal. More importantly the Portal assures end-users can access the latest version of their mission critical Apps at all times through a web browser. While end-users can view and manage data, create scenarios, and initiate optimization runs, the actual processing is dispatched automatically to (high performance) central servers connected by the AIMMS PRO Platform. So, instead of coding your own interfaces, deployment setups etc., AIMMS PRO does it all for you.  

How to use AIMMS PRO?

The AIMMS PRO Portal is the control center. It allows for management of users, publishing of applications and AIMMS versions, setting use restrictions for applications, etc. Whether you are a developer, an end-user, or an IT manager, the portal provides you the controls to make optimal use of AIMMS possible. This is also true for sharing prototypes and pre-releases in a controlled way. Thus scaling up a solution, sharing new optimization concepts, or offering a large set of different AIMMS applications to your organization is now easier than ever before.


Overview of AIMMS PRO Platform

We envision that the AIMMS PRO Platform will become your collaboration platform for true interactive optimization-based decision making, leading to better decisions and, therefore, better bottom-line results. AIMMS PRO provides you with a great set of features to start this collaboration now, and we are continuously developing new features to enhance your optimization experience in the years to come.

  • The AIMMS PRO Portal provides a central control point for various users:

  • Developers can upload/manage/start applications

  • End-users can start AIMMS applications through an Apps list


  • End-users can watch and interact with jobs that are running on the server
  • IT can upload/manage AIMMS versions
  • IT can manage users and user rights
  • IT can connect user management to Active Directory
  • IT can assign special publication rights to users
  • Statistics are available throughout the portal


Want to know more?

You can contact us at, or call us. For technical information you can check the AIMMS PRO Manual and the AIMMS Cloud Platform Manual.