Witch Apprentice

Witch Apprentice

Witch Apprentice is the first AIMMS-based game in the series of G-AIMMS. This game follows a witch as she rises in rank in the witches’ guild by completing various AIMMS and modeling assignments.

The G-AIMMS is played in a developer version of AIMMS and each level is accompanied by a tutorial that explains the AIMMS functionality that needs to be used in detail.

Each major level provides you with a password upon successful completion, which is required to enter the corresponding sublevel and the next major level. It is expected that there will be 5 major levels, each with a sublevel which will focus on AIMMS functionality rather than optimization modeling. It will not be necessary to complete sublevels to enter the next level.

Witch Apprentice is developed in AIMMS 4. You need to download and install a recent 32-bit AIMMS version before you can play this G-AIMMS. (Level 2b uses a MS Access database and therefore we advise you to download a 32-bit version of AIMMS.)

Any free AIMMS license can be used to complete the level.


G-AIMMS: Witch Apprentice Levels





 Gathering Ingredients



 Gathering Ingredients – sublevel



 Spell Assignment



 Spell Assignment – sublevel



 Healing Potion



 Healing Potion – sublevel