Making the Excel Add-In work properly

AIMMS Knowledge Base Article - KB00003

Making the Excel Add-In work properly


There are several possible reasons why Excel Add-In may not work properly. The Excel Add-In example can be used to test whether the Excel Add-In works properly.


There are problems when you try to run the Excel Add-In example.


There are several causes for this problem:

  • AIMMS itself is not working properly.
  • The AIMMS COM object is not installed, registered or working properly.
  • You have an old version of visual basic DLL files.


If the Excel Add-In example doesn't work, first try to run one of the other examples to make sure that AIMMS itself is working. Often when there is a problem, for example with licensing, AIMMS gives clearer error messages without using the Excel Add-In.

If AIMMS itself works ok, the following hints might help.

The Excel Add-In uses the AIMMS COM object, so it is essential that the AIMMS COM object is installed, registered and working.

Another possibility is that you have an old version of visual basic DLL files. If this is the case you will get a specific remark about it. Contact your system administrator or us for newer files and try the Excel Add-In example again.

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