Save whole project under a different name

AIMMS Knowledge Base Article - KB00012

Save whole project under a different name


You can save your whole project under a different name.


You changed the name of your project file, but the old name is still used for the .ams and .nch files.


There is no ‘Save As’ function for the whole project because a complete project consists of several files.


In order to change the whole AIMMS project with name A under the name B you need to do the following:

  1. In Windows Explorer, rename the files A.aimms, MainProject\A.ams, and MainProject\A.nch (when available) as B.aimms, MainProject\B.ams and MainProject\B.nch respectively.
  2. Use a text editor to change the name of A.ams into B.ams in the file MainProject\Project.xml.
  3. If you use cases, and the option 'Data management style' is set to 'Single data manager file', then you also have to rename the file A.dat to B.dat. However, we advice to switch the 'Data management style' to 'Disk files and folders' (before renaming the project) because the single data manager file style is deprecated.

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