XARCCM found too many rows

AIMMS Knowledge Base Article - KB00013

Error “XARCCM found too many rows”


The XA solver allocates memory before the first solve. If this amount of memory is not enough, you can get this error message.


You solve a model using the XA solver and you get the error message:

        XARCCM found too many rows. Increase 'maxrow' value.


XA has a static form of memory management. This implies that all memory should be allocated before the first solve. If you add rows later, you can run into the problem with the error message.


A workaround for this can be to set the option 'Solver Workspace' to a high value, in which case XA should already reserve enough memory during the first solve for any resolves. Unfortunately this is a 'trial-and-error' approach. As an indication you can use the amount of memory that the progress windows shows for XA during the first solve.

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