Why report errors?

Why send in an error report?

Reports collected via the AIMMS Error Report Service are actively used by AIMMS B.V. to continuously improve the quality and reliability of AIMMS. Unfortunately, software – thus also AIMMS - has bugs. Even a relatively simple software product today has millions of lines of code with many places for bugs to hide. That is why you still may encounter crashes and freeze-ups despite our extensive testing. AIMMS B.V. is committed to learning about and trying to fix problems in AIMMS.

When you choose to send up an error report, a small snapshot of the state of your AIMMS application is transferred to AIMMS B.V. This data is examined by software engineers and used to improve the quality of AIMMS. Reporting an error can be done anonymously, but we ask you to provide a contact email which would enable us to contact you for more details on the error if needed. As fixes are always incorporated into software updates and maintenance releases of AIMMS, we encourage you to regularly visit the AIMMS website to stay up to date with AIMMS (be sure to have your licenses in maintenance), or register yourself at the AIMMS website to allow us to inform you about updates. If you provided your contact details and the analysis reveals that the error report you sent relates to an error which has already been fixed, we will be able to inform you.

We understand that customers are concerned about their privacy. Therefore, you should know that error reports may contain incidental personal information. However, all data collected by the AIMMS Error Report Service is only used for the purpose of improving the quality and reliability of AIMMS. We do not use the data for marketing purposes. If you would like more information, please refer to AIMMS Error Report Data Collection.