Step by step guide to switch from a personal nodelock to machine nodelock

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Step by step guide to switch from a personal nodelock to machine nodelock


A personal nodelock requires an internet connection at least once every 60 days. This might be undesirable in some situations, for instance if the server doesn’t have a constant internet connection. In that case, the machine nodelock is a better solution. This knowledge base article gives a step by step guide for converting a personal nodelock into a machine nodelock, for a network license.

NOTE: Machine nodelocks are intended for use on a dedicated server. In case of failure, we will, in principle, only replace machine nodelocks on the same computer.

Once you have chosen for a machine nodelock, it is not possible to switch back to a personal nodelock.


Start the “AIMMS License Manager” on the server where it is installed. This brings up the following screen:

You need to place the license manager into “Maintenance mode” via the menu “Maintenance – Maintenance Mode”. After that you need to open the “License configuration” dialog via menu “Maintenance – License – License Configuration”. This dialog looks something like this:

Although, there is probably only one license, select the license that you want to switch and click on the “Deactivate” button. This requires the same amount of internet/firewall access that is required to renew the current license every 60 days. However, this is the last time that an internet connection is required. Once the license has been deactivated successfully, you see the following message:

After you have deactivated the license, you can activate the license again but now as a machine-based nodelock, by clicking on the activate button for the selected license. Once you click on that button, the following dialog will appear:

Here you enter the activation code that you have received as part of the license purchase, ask your license manager if you don’t have this. Once, you click next you will see the following dialog:

Here you need to select “Machine Nodelock”, as that is the option that doesn’t require regular internet access. The next dialog asks how you want to activate this license:

If you still have an internet connection, you can use the first option as this is the easiest options. The second option does not require an internet connection. This process is described in this following knowledge base article. The License Protection in the License Configuration dialog should now read “Machine Nodelock”.

However, whichever method you choose, your license no longer needs an internet connection or any manual action to continue working.

Last reviewed: 15-02-2012
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