AIMMS User's Guide

AIMMS User’s Guide

The AIMMS User’s Guide provides a global overview of how to use the AIMMS system. It is aimed at application builders, and explores AIMMS’ capabilities in helping you create a model-based application in an easy and maintainable manner. The guide describes the various graphical tools that the AIMMS system offers for this task.

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Chapter Breakdown

Find below a chapter breakdown of the AIMMS User's Guide.

0. About

0. Preface

Part I – Introduction to AIMMS

1. AIMMS and Analytic Decision Support

2. Getting Started

3. Collaborative Project Development

Part II – Creating and Managing a Model

4. Model Explorer

5. Identifier Declarations

6. Procedures and Functions

7. Viewing Identifier Selections

8. Debugging and Profiling an AIMMS Model

9. Math Program Inspector

Part III – Creating an End-User Interface

10. Pages and Page Objects

11. Page and Page Object Properties

12. Page Management Tools

13. Page Resizability

14. Creating Printed Reports

15. Deploying End-User Applications

Part IV – Data Management

16. Case Management

Part V – Miscellaneous

17. User Interface Language Components

18. Calling AIMMS

19. Project Security

20. Project Settings and Options

21. Localization and Unicode Support