Report an Issue

In case you encounter a problem with AIMMS, please check first whether the problem still occurs in the latest AIMMS or AIMMS PRO release. You can also check the AIMMS release notes or the AIMMS PRO release notes to see whether your issue has been resolved in a later AIMMS (PRO) version.

General AIMMS Issue

If the problem persists, please report the issue to our support team, e.g. by sending an e-mail to send to, so that we can try to help you as much as possible based on the information you provide. We can help you most effectively if the information you provide enables us to reproduce your problem in our environment. Therefore, when contacting our support team, please provide us as much relevant information as possible, such as:

  • AIMMS version (exact version: see menu Help > About)
  • Your platform (operating system: exact version, CPU: 32 bit or 64 bit)

When applicable:

  • Model size and structure (LP, MIP, NLP, etc.)
  • Solver used (for the exact version: see Menu - Settings - Solver Configuration)
  • Type and version of other software involved (e.g. Excel, database)

In many cases it would greatly help us in reproducing your problem if you can also provide:

  • Your AIMMS project files (with extensions .aimms, .ams, .nch), or even better, a ZIP file with the project directory including sub-folders
  • All necessary data files
  • A reproducible sequence of actions leading to the problem

In some cases when you encounter unclear compilation or execution errors, the .err and .log files may bear useful information. In such a case, please provide these files as well. They are located in the log sub-folder of your project directory.


We have discovered that most of the issues that customers encounter are caused by misconfiguration of the PRO server. When you encounter issues running AIMMS PRO, check the manual to make sure that you did all the recommended steps and the configuration that you have is correct. There is a high possibility that you will find a solution faster than submitting an issue with support.

Commonly encountered issues

You can find an updated list of commonly errors in the AIMMS PRO manual.

Reporting an AIMMS PRO issue

When reporting an issue keep in mind that the more information you provide, the easiest is for our engineers to pinpoint the cause of the issue. In the end, this is beneficial for you because it means you will get a response faster.

Below we present a list of what we need to consider an issue ready for investigation:

  • AIMMS PRO version
  • AIMMS version package version (if it is the case)
  • All AIMMS PRO server logs, at trace level that were generated while the issue was manifesting
  • A reproducible sequence of actions leading to the problem

Additionally, you could speed up the investigation if you would provide:

  • The AIMMS model for which you’re encountering the problem, (the sources of the model are preferable)
  • If it is a network issue, an explanation of the architecture in which you have deployed PRO (if you are running PRO in an exotic setup; e.g. various firewalls, citrix, virtualization)


If the files you are going to attach are large, please send them compressed in a zipped archive. Our e-mail system is able to handle messages up to a total size of 10MB (including attachments).

If you need to send us larger (zipped) files, then please inform us beforehand and we will create for you an account on our upload site: You will be able to upload your files into the created account as soon as you have received from us a username and a password (both are case sensitive).

You can reach the AIMMS Support team by email at or by phone and fax using the specific numbers for each office given at Contact us.