Need help implementing AIMMS or hands-on support improving your AIMMS models? Our team has expert consultants to help you leverage our technology in the most effective way. You can find an overview of our services below. 

Model Audit  

Do you have concerns about the accuracy of your model or the robustness of your solution?  Feel like you could improve your GUI or your Apps' execution time? Work with us to audit your model. Our Model Audit typically consists of: 

  • Identification – identifying problematic areas that can possibly be improved. We'll determine the number of hours we expect to spend during the analysis and inform you about the scope of work.  
  • Analysis and Report – we report on the items that can be improved, and provide advice on how the improvements can be achieved.  
  • Implementation –  you can decide whether you want us to implement suggested improvements for you, or whether you want to do it yourself with the support of an AIMMS consultant when required.  
Note: The Model Audit will be conducted on an AIMMS version released in the last 3 months (see the AIMMS release history). If you are using an older AIMMS version then upgrading your AIMMS project will become part of the Model Audit.

Project Consultancy  

Need expert advice to improve your AIMMS projects? For example, to discuss the initial design of your App or to reduce solve times? Want to discover AIMMS features that could improve your project? Or to make the most of our WebUI customization options? Need a good data management plan?  

Our team of AIMMS/Optimization Specialists offers consulting services to help you excel in your use of AIMMS. You can count of our 28+ years of expertise to help you create the best optimization solutions for your company.  


Project Kickstart 

Kickstart a new AIMMS project with our optimization specialists by your side. This Hackathon style workshop typically takes 2 days to complete. You decide on which business problem you want to tackle and use the knowledge of our experts to develop an MVP of your solution in record time. 

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