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Intuitive, Connected Supply Chain Apps

AIMMS SC Navigator offers off-the-shelf Apps for supply chain teams with deep functional expertise and light analytical skills. Our technology taps into sophisticated analytics, yet offers an intuitive experience specifically created for professionals without a data science or technical background.

Modern, increasingly complex supply chain problems require modern technology.

We think that supply chain software can and should be much easier to use. It’s not about having bulky software with an endless list of features and functions that you will never use. It’s about having agile software that that is intuitive and highly configurable. It’s about technology that provides you with the answers you need by leveraging sophisticated analytics that point you to the optimal answer.

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Data Integration

Data Navigator is an integrated cloud database that brings structure to complexity. It’s the fuel that powers the configuration of your Apps.


Break down silos, share data across multiple functional areas in SC Navigator Apps and make insights available to everyone in your team in the cloud.

Embedded Optimization

Hidden by a user-friendly interface, the SC Navigator Apps tap into our powerful AIMMS mathematical optimization capabilities.

Build & Deploy Bespoke Apps

For teams with deep Operations Research, Engineering or Analytics background the AIMMS Platform is the ideal tool to build and deploy custom made applications.

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Demo: Rapid Model Building For Better Decisions During Uncertainty

You can create custom solutions to tackle your specific strategic or operational problems across a broad range of functional areas. The comprehensive AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform has everything you need. The development tool (AIMMS Developer) enables you to build applications in a fraction of the time required by conventional programming tools, while the deployment tool (AIMMS PRO) enables you to instantly provide solutions to the end users in need of better decision power. The platform can be deployed in the cloud or on premise depending on your needs.

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Data model consistency

Our clear data model makes it easier to maintain code down the road. You avoid spending time understanding and debugging obscure code.

Integrated visualization

The interactive visualization layer connects your model to a visualization board to build a web-based user interface with ease.

Power when you need it

Parallelization and the ability to leverage multiple servers increases capacity and performance to help you solve the toughest problems.

Test, learn & adapt

AIMMS PRO provides you the controls to easily change apps and test new prototypes. A collaboration platform for making better decisions.

A central meeting point

Whether you are a developer, an end-user, or an IT manager, the portal provides you the controls to make optimal use of AIMMS possible.

Fully managed in the cloud

AIMMS Cloud Platform provides the simplest and fastest way to get apps to your end users and provides all the IT capacity you need.

Take AIMMS for a test drive

Our Community Edition gives you instant access to start building models and applications for non-commercial purposes. It’s the quick way to get to know AIMMS, at no cost.