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Your optimization app development journey starts here

Experience the power of AIMMS Development and its low code capabilities to build mathematical optimization models and apps. Open source solvers included.

Build optimization models and applications at speed

Open source solvers included

Solve any linear, mixed-integer or nonlinear problem with the open-source solvers CBC, IPOPT and AOA.

Create an attractive UI for your model

Build modern web-based user interfaces using a rich set of interactive charts and UX components to provide a friendly experience. No coding required.

Advanced model diagnostics

A set of diagnostic tools, such as a debugger, a profiler, and a one-of-a-kind math program inspector, are right at your disposal.

Learn to develop your model with AIMMS Academy

The Community Edition comes with access to AIMMS Academy, where you can  learn to build an optimization app from start to finish and make the best use of AIMMS’ rich feature set.

Learn and get certified

Qualify for our Free Academic license instead?

If you are working or studying at an academic institution, you may prefer to request our Free AIMMS Academic License, which includes unrestricted free access to world-class commercial solvers such as CPLEX, CP Optimizer, CONOPT, and ODH-CPLEX, instead of the open source solvers offered through the AIMMS Community Edition.

Request Free Academic License

Get AIMMS Community Edition Today

Instant access to AIMMS’ low code platform.