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A scalable approach to business optimization and modeling needs 

The AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform is a rapid model building and deployment technology perfected over 30 years by mathematicians, modeling experts and data scientists, working in conjunction with computer scientists, software engineers, cloud experts and UI/UX professionals. We help provide a repeatable way to build and deploy custom optimization-based apps to end-users across your organization. 

Your team gets the benefits of cutting-edge technology that is continuously updated to reflect the evolving needs of analytics and IT teams for flexibility, speed, app deployment and maintenance. Our intuitive design enables you to easily test new approaches on the fly, go from idea to a prototype quickly and iterate with end-users leading to higher adoption and satisfaction. Watch a short demo to see it in action.

The power of AIMMS compared

More robust and time efficient

Weeks of wrestling with spreadsheets or a few clicks with AIMMS

Siloed spreadsheets are hard to maintain, fragile and can’t handle all the variables. Move from spending time troubleshooting spreadsheets to getting to “one truth” for increased collaboration and agility as things change. Separating the model and your data makes this easier.

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More intuitive and easier to use

Supportive diagnostic and deployment capability 

Move from spending time debugging to developing a prototype in days. Our rich IDE, and built-in diagnostic tools, enables you to develop solutions in a fraction of the time compared to other tools. In addition, the easy deployment enable you to get the models you build in the hands of business users with ease.

Faster and easier to build, deploy and maintain (lower TCO over time)

Because there are still costs involved with “free” tools 

Open-source tools take time and effort to build and maintain. The AIMMS platform has been optimized for app building with a dedicated R&D team and community input. Our programming language was specifically created to help teams like yours build models faster in a more sustainable way reducing the need to worry about solver updates, switching solvers or doing multi-scenario runs.

What customers love

Easier model building and debugging

Our Integrated Development Environment (IDE) helps you develop and adapt your models in an interactive and object based way. The Mathematical Program Inspector provides several tools to help you “debug” a mathematical program quickly and efficiently. 


Data model consistency

Our clear data model makes it easier to maintain code down the road. You avoid spending time understanding and debugging obscure code. The authentication, authorization and units of measurement (SSI standards inside) ensures proper data conversions.

One click deployment and updating

Making changes to apps and testing new prototypes is easily done with AIMMS Cloud Platform without worrying about IT infrastructure.  It’s easy to share discoveries and operational insights with your team.

Flexiblility supports many use cases

Complete set of optimization engines ranging from Linear to Nonlinear, Integer and Constraint Programming supports most typical optimization problems. 

Integrated visualization

Our interactive visualization layer can be used to connect your model to a visualization board in the user interface. This makes it easy to create dashboards for business users and teams.

Power when you need it

Parallelization and the ability to leverage multiple servers increases capacity and performance to help you solve the toughest problems at lightning speed.

Used around the globe

AIMMS is the ideal combination of being tailored to your unique situation paired with speed to value (ROI). That’s why teams at Tata Steel, Shell, GE and Heineken and many more fire up AIMMS every day.

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Designed with security in mind

AIMMS has ISO 27001 certification and a continuous intrusion detection and automatic vulnerability scanning system. Our security specialists perform a periodic penetration test of our Cloud Platform.

AIMMS Information Security: What & How

AIMMS is a platform, community and mindset

The AIMMS Community is a space to connect to other passionate analytics professionals to exchange ideas, challenges and points of view. You’ll also find posts to learn about new features and upcoming plans.

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Take AIMMS for a test drive

Our Community Edition gives you instant access to start building models and applications for non-commercial purposes. It’s the quick way to get to know AIMMS, at no cost.