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Build, improve, deploy and repeat, all in a single platform that integrates with your existing IT architecture

With AIMMS, your team gets security, flexibility, speed, app deployment and maintenance built-into a cutting edge technology. Our low code platform simplifies testing new approaches on the fly. Your colleagues can go from idea to a prototype quickly and iterate with end-users, resulting in higher adoption and satisfaction.

ISO 27001-Certified

High Uptimes and Reliability

Delivered as a Service


  • AIMMS is ISO 27001 Certified.
  • All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, using Azure encryption and encryption key storage.
  • A single-tenant database is available to store application data in a separate Virtual Private Cloud/VNet.
  • Single-tenant compute sessions available.
  • Continuous automated intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning, plus annual 3rd party security assessments.
  • Extensive business continuity arrangements using redundancy, auto-recovery and backups.
  • Hosted with Azure, one of the world’s leading cloud providers, meeting all common information security certifications and providing data residency flexibility.

  • Cloud-native, auto-scaling architecture using Azure managed-services, Kubernetes and microservices, deployed with infrastructure-as-code, tested on separate test environments. 
  • All the capacity and performance you need through automatic capacity scaling and provisioning.  
  • High uptimes and reliability and low RTO and RPO through design-for-failure, extensive (geo)redundancy, automatic recovery from failure and frequent backups.  
  • Helpdesk for end users, app developers and system administrators, including data restore. 
  • Monitoring and response to safeguard information security, uptime and performance. 
  • Maintenance to keep all software up-to-date and prevent service degradation. 

  • Transfer data from/to almost any system, including databases, ERP systems, warehouse-management-systems, proprietary and 3rd party data services, data lakes and other big data tools, BI tools, spreadsheets, factory management systems, and more. 
  • Integrate calculations and optimizations in AIMMS with scripting tools like Python, Go or Julia, including their extensive library ecosystems. 
  • Integrate AIMMS applications in automated analytics data flows. 
  • Leverage the off-the-shelf power of cloud-based services for AI, Machine Learning and data processing, such as Azure Data Factory and Azure/AWS Machine Learning. 
  • Supported standards include: REST API, OpenAPI, OAuth, ODBC, JDBC, LDAP, SAML, VPN, SSL, Parquet, JSON, XML, CSV. 
  • Unit Test library, integration test facilities and REST APIs for publishing apps to enable integration into CI/CD platforms. 
  • Integration-as-a-service: ‘we build it, we run it.’ The easiest path to integrate with SAP, Oracle, Dynamics365 and other systems, offered through our partner Rojo Consultancy. 

AIMMS and Integrations - Decisions with up-to-date data

Capabilities Your Team Will Love

Instant & Secure

You are liberated from coding your own interfaces, coding deployment setups, etc. AIMMS Deployment connects it all for you in one step, in a secure way. Instantly let business users experience the power of optimized decisions and outcomes.


Test, learn & adapt

AIMMS Deployment allows you to manage users, publish apps, set user restrictions (or permissions), and share prototypes and pre-releases in a controlled way.


AIMMS Deployment is built to scale up seamlessly when usage increases. In our managed cloud, we take care of all the resource needs so you can focus on making the Apps successful.


In our deployment on the cloud, we offer the ability to add and connect databases to on-premise resources to integrate with your enterprise environment.

Multi-user support

With our Collaborative Data Management component, you can create interactive multi-user applications. The UI can be adjusted based on roles and authorizations.

Power when you need it

The ability to run and analyze scenarios at scale through parallelization and the instant availability of almost any computing power you need, help you solve the toughest optimization problems at speed and at the lowest possible cost. No need to “size for the peaks” or predict compute demand.

The Ideal Platform to Take a ModelOps Approach

model ops explained

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AIMMS allows you to exchange data with almost any system.