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AIMMS Supply Chain Network Design in 30 Minutes

On-demand webinar

Explore how AIMMS Network Design can benefit your company.

Do you recognize that:

  • Your supply chain network is complex and contributes massively to your total costs.
  • Excel has reached its limits for mathematical optimization and should be replaced.
  • You can save millions by optimizing your supply chain on an ongoing basis.

Then you’re likely to invest in supply chain network design software to run various scenarios, know the impact of each in terms of costs and service levels, and make informed decisions. In this webinar, we will cover:

  • AIMMS Network Design features, functions, and technology
  • Use cases
  • Benefits
  • Demo

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Meet the speakers

Catalina Perez Leiva

Supply Chain Consultant at AIMMS

Catalina Perez Leiva is a Supply Chain Analyst and Consultant at AIMMS. Catalina has a Master’s Degree in Supply Chain & Logistics from the University of Luxembourg and a Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from MIT.


Paul van Nierop

Product Owner, AIMMS Network Design

Paul has more than two decades of experience in supply chain planning solutions, leading many successful implementations for global clients. He is an expert in network design and optimization.