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Join us for a live webinar on Thursday, 28th Sept – Supply Chain Network Design: What Are Your Options?

AIMMS Network Design is supply chain network modeling software that is powerful and intuitive. See it in action and find out how easy it is to use it for supply chain network optimization.

AIMMS Network Design demo

The demo shows:

  • How you model your current supply chain
  • How you can easily scenarios using optimization parameters and constraints
  • How you can interact with your demand data
  • How you can compare scenarios side-by-side
  • The different reports you have at your disposal in the tool, such as the DC and supply reports

Access the demo

Aanand Pandey

Supply Chain Consultant at AIMMS

Aanand Pandey is a Supply Chain Analyst and Consultant at AIMMS. Aanand has a Master’s Degree in Supply Chain & Logistics from the University of Luxembourg and a Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from MIT.