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Insights to give structure to your supply chain design project and maximize its benefits.

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This two-part report offers valuable advice for supply chain teams embarking on a new network design project. In this first part of the report, you will get analyst recommendations for the “Initiate” and “Plan” phase, two pillars that are crucial to set your project up for success.  

You’ll get helpful tips to: 

  • Define your objectives, scope and expectations 
  • Align expectations with realistic timelines 
  • Simplify data collection  
  • Define scenarios that are aligned with corporate strategy  
figure 2 - gartner- supply chain network design report
figure 2 - gartner- supply chain network design
figure 3 - gartner- supply chain network design
side-by-side-scenarios-in aimms network design

About AIMMS Network Design

AIMMS Network Design is fueled by powerful mathematical optimization in the back end, and intuitive scenario analysis capabilities in the front, empowering you to create exible designs and expose hidden risks in your network. The application is ideal for organizations that have reached the limits of Excel and are looking for powerful software to run various scenarios, know the impact of each in terms of costs and service levels, and make informed decisions.

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Comparing Leading Supply Chain Network Design Technology Vendors

Capabilities Recommended by Analysts

AIMMS has been recognized as a Sample Vendor for Supply Chain Network Design in numerous Gartner reports, including Gartner Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy, 2020.

Our network design app supports scenario planning, a key capability recommended by analysts to build supply chain resilience today.


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“We chose AIMMS because its app wraps a state-of-the-art solver engine in an easy-to-use data interface with strong scenario modeling and results visualization tools. This enables us to quickly evaluate various scenarios that drive supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction. The system allowed us to be up and running very quickly.” – Read the press release

“AIMMS provides outstanding value. It allows us to quickly answer very specific questions affecting our business. The benefits from optimizing our business based on those answers provides a great ROI for FMC-NA.”

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“A lot of network design decisions have cost implications. We can use AIMMS to get answers we can trust and believe in. These answers add weight to those conversations.” – Read an interview

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The Gartner document is available upon request from AIMMS. Gartner, Define Your Optimal Supply Chain Network Using 3 Pillars of Network Design: Part 1 – Initiate and Plan, June 14, 2021, Kamala Raman, Vicky Forman