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There’s a paradigm shift happening in supply chain planning. From scrambling when the unexpected happens, to quickly identifying the best course of action. COVID-19 is impacting supply chains in several ways. We know these are challenging times. To help you navigate safely during this crisis, we put the following resources together:

  • Understand exposure
  • Anticipate shortages
  • Ensure resource requirements


A supply lane is interrupted. What are my best options?

What impact will it have on my operations, my ability to service customers and margin? When the supply lane reopens, what are the best options to restart supply? What are the options to build more redundancy and what is the impact on my margin? To respond and recover quickly from these disruptions, you need prescriptive analytics. AIMMS is at the forefront of enabling this shift.

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How Prescriptive Analytics can help you build supply chain network agility and resilience

Coronavirus strikes. Are you prepared from a supply chain planning perspective?

Disruptions like coronavirus are upending supply chains at a troubling rate. Still, a recent MIT survey found that 61% percent of companies in distribution and retail, and 41% of businesses in manufacturing are largely in wait-and-see mode as they watch the news and plan for a strategy. How can organizations be more proactive?

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How Disruptions like Coronavirus Test The Resilience Of Supply Chain Planning

Are you ready to join the movement?

Move from periodic-step change efforts to scenario-based improvements, to quickly identifying the best course of action.

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“We chose AIMMS because its app wraps a state-of-the-art solver engine in an easy-to-use data interface with strong scenario modeling and results visualization tools. This enables us to quickly evaluate various scenarios that drive supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction. The system allowed us to be up and running very quickly.” – Read the press release

“AIMMS provides outstanding value. It allows us to quickly answer very specific questions affecting our business. The benefits from optimizing our business based on those answers provides a great ROI for FMC-NA.”

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“A lot of network design decisions have cost implications. We can use AIMMS to get answers we can trust and believe in. These answers add weight to those conversations.” – Read an interview