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ChatGPT will revolutionize Supply Chain Design

How ChatGPT will revolutionize Supply Chain Design?

On-demand Webinar

Hear from supply chain network design specialists how artificial intelligence can be used to identify disruptions and analyze their impact.

In today’s unpredictable world, disruptions happen frequently. Companies are recovering from previous global shocks that caused a seismic shift in business operations, which were ultimately a loud wake-up call for all industries. So, how can businesses be better prepared?

The answer is: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AIMMS brings the power of ‘generative AI’ to your fingertips to de-risk your supply chain. How do we do this? Our new Supply Chain Design AI Assistant based on ChatGPT:

  • Alerts based on relevant events for your business,
  • Calculates the impact on your supply chain networks,
  • Automates the creation of scenarios

In this on-demand webinar, learn how AIMMS’ AI assistant can revolutionize the role of supply chain planners and analysts. Through time savings, proactive risk mitigation, and enhanced decision-making capabilities, the assistant can help businesses recover faster and avoid supply chain failures in the future.

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Meet the speakers


Zoe Kokje Schouten

Business Director, Supply Chain Solutions, AIMMS
Martijn Lofvers

Martijn Lofvers

CEO & Chief Trendwatcher, Supply Chain Media

Zoltán Lelkes

Managing Director, Optasoft

Akhil Srivastava

Director of Supply Chain, AB InBev
ChatGPT and supply chain network design

GPT-4 is set to radically change Supply Chain Network Design

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AIMMS demonstrated how combining artificial intelligence (AI) with supply chain network design opens up new possibilities. The tool developed by AIMMS has to be fed with data about the company and its operating network, including an overview of the production and distribution locations, the suppliers, the product portfolio, and if desired the most important competitors. Read our blog to know more.