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Supply Chain Design: From one-off projects to repeatable Scenario Modeling


Watch the recording as the panel discusses how facing constant challenges in supply chain operations feels like the new norm.

Businesses must adapt quickly in this age of persistent disruption while also considering sustainability expectations
  • Understand how to utilize data insights and scenario planning to improve your business’s resilience in times of never-ending supply chain disruptions.
  • Learn how more frequent scenario modeling (eg. weekly or biweekly), rather than just a few times a year, will enable trade-off decision-making, keeping your business competitive and being more proactive.
  • Discover how prescriptive analytics and a digital twin of your supply chain network will allow you to be more efficient and enable you to make quick, business-critical decisions.

Global brands use AIMMS SC Navigator to design their supply chain

AIMMS ND Customers
AIMMS ND Customers
supply chain design scenario modeling

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When was the last time you looked at your supply chain design?

It has become a trend to perform supply chain design actions just a few times yearly, in some cases, even less. However, amid persistent disruptions, your business needs to adapt fast. The only way this is achievable is through continuous analysis of your supply chain, which will allow you to identify issues and adapt quickly to disruptions, saving you big money in the process.

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