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This webinar reviews these novel changes to electric power system planning.

The extensive and continuing build-out of intermittent renewable capacity on the electric power grid has created a series of novel challenges for the electric system, and for those developing modeling tools to address these never-before-seen challenges for “keeping on the lights.” It also discusses how the AIMMS-based REStore model was developed to begin the process of better understanding these challenges to the continued growth of the U.S. electric power system. The AIMMS platform allowed OnLocation to develop a detailed yet efficient two-step Linear Programming model and helped facilitate collaboration among multiple developers.

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Frances Wood

Director at OnLocation

Frances has over 30 years of energy and environmental consulting experience with government and private clients. She has performed policy analyses using a variety of integrated energy models, including EIA’s National Energy Modeling System (NEMS), which provides comprehensive representations of energy markets.

Jerome Yurchisin

Sr. Consultant at OnLocation

Jerome has extensive expertise in applying operations research, machine learning, statistics, and data analysis and visualization to solve client problems and improve decision making. He has formulated and built complex integer programming models for the US Coast Guard, among other organizations.